Wednesday, February 13, 2013

AVG PC Tuneup 2013 12.0.4010.19 [Excellent Optimizer]

AVG PC Tuneup 2013 12.0.4010.19 [Excellent Optimizer] +Activations 

AVG PC Tuneup Pro 2013 12.0.4000.108 is a tool for maintaining a comprehensive system and optimization tools that will help you to remove system clutter, fix Registry problems, apply anumber of useful Windows tweaks, and generally optimize just about every area of ​​performance on your computer.

AVG PC Tuneup Pro 2013 12.0.4000.108 addition such as a hard drive filled with the remnants of the "temporary" files and junk variety. PC TuneUp Disk Cleaner will quickly identify surplus files that can safely be removed, revealing a Finder duplicate file duplicate files that may be a waste of space on your hard; Disk Explorer reveals which folders are using the most space, handy for picking out the resources, and when you're done, good defragger optimizes your file layout to give you the best speed.

AVG PC Tuneup Pro 2013 12.0.4000.108 Internet Optimizer is a really very good at giving you access to all the important speed settings. So as well as TCP / IP public option, allowing you to tweak Windows settings, DNS values, even the maximum browser connections for IE, Firefox and Opera. Or, if you prefer the easy life, you can have PC Tuneup set everything up automatically in just a few clicks.

Key Features of AVG PC Tuneup:

  • Optimization and Online connections
  • Recover removed files
  • Obtaining information and records in germ
  • Cleaning disk
  • Clean Registry
  • Hard drive defragmentation
  • Easy to use software
  • Size is very convenient and quick application
  • Suitable with different variations of Windows, including popular Windows 7
  • Restores your PC to top speed
  • Keeps your PC at peak performance
  • Stops freezing and crashing
  • Extends your battery life
  • Free supvaluable disk space
  • Leaves no trace of your most important files
  • Gives you complete performance–automatically
  • Fine tune your computer for even more performance
  • Make so otimization easier

 AVG PC Tuneup 2013 12.0.4010.19 [Excellent Optimizer] +Activations 

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