Wednesday, February 20, 2013

PDF Annotator

PDF Annotator + activation
Tested on windows 8 pro
 If the PDF files are considered the computer equivalent of paper documents, these files have the great disadvantage of not being able to be annotated.
PDF Creator makes it posssible these annotations. It is possible, using a mouse, a graphic tablet with the stylus or a Tablet PC to add and save handwritten information in any PDF document.

If lack of space is felt, PDF Creator can add blank pages to document, to provide additional space.
A feature that can be used to transform the program note taking software.

Close the program after installation

Copy and Paste the crack in C :/ program (files) / PDF annotator
 Right click on PDFAnnotator crack Create a shortcut on the desktop

 PDF Annotator + activation
Tested on windows 8 pro

Click to begin
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