Monday, February 18, 2013

Time Boss Pro 3.04.004

Time Boss Pro 3.04.004 Pre-Activated

 Create individual profiles for PC users (eg for your children), define when and how long each of them can use the computer, define programs (games, for example) and

websites, the time pattern block, choose to use or not monitoring features, event log or screenshot log? You can adjust everything to your family needs!
Time Boss parental control software works quick, stable and friendly with all other programs, including antivirus and antispyware!
It uses only the official insuperable system protection integrated capabilities without creating spyware modules or littering disks and the registry. Thats why it doesn? T to reduce the operating speed of other programs.

With the network Software Time Boss PRO Parental Control You can control the use of any computer by a user in a local network from a Windows PC remotely. TB Pro gives full control panel remote control Time Boss. With Time Boss PRO You can be shure that your protection password may Boss? T be corrupted if subordinate user use Keyloggers and other software to intercept you typing a password.

 Time Boss Pro 3.04.004 Pre-Activated

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