Sunday, June 9, 2013

DVBViewer Pro 4.9.5 + Crack

DVBViewer Pro 4.9.5 + Crack

DVBViewer allows you to experience Digital TV on your PC. With a proper DVB card you can enter the world of digital entertainment and experience high quality, incredibly sharp TV pictures and near CD quality radio!

What features provide DVBViewer?
It offers all the basic functions you need to enjoy digital television and radio.
In addition, DVBViewer offers you a wide range of advanced features such as Teletext, Electronic Programming Guide, Remote Control support and strengthen the capacity of recording allowing you to record your favorite shows on the hard drive, modify or share with your friends.

Which features make it unique?
DVBViewer contains functions which are groundbreaking: It was the first program with a mode called DesktopTV and in its category the only product which offers a reading of any type of media file (if the required codecs are installed ) and Timeshifting features. It is even possible to manage several devices at the same time DVB.
Further on the multimedia skills of the DVBViewer do not need to hide behind other mediacenters. Playing multimedia content to receive the son feeds, weather data, everything is possible.

 DVBViewer Pro 4.9.5 + Crack 
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