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KMSAuto Net v1.0.8 by Ratiborus Automatic Activator for Win 8.1 and office 2013

KMSAuto Net 2014 v1.1.8 Portable by Ratiborus,
MSFree Inc.
Name: KMSAuto_Net_2014_v1.1.8_Portable_ES.rar
Size: 2.4 Mb
Release date: January 7, 2014
Exe MD5: 42CDBFCFE63E784C5A61C76FA4BCE6C3
Developer: Ratiborus


 KMSAuto Net is the best and most comprehensive solution KMS to activate Windows Vista, 7 , 8, 8.1, Server 2008, 2008 R2 , 2012, 2012 R2 also for Office 2010 and Office 2013 ( VL Editions ) operating systems.Based on the KMS Server mikmik38 (MDL ) .It does not modify any system files .To activate do not need an Internet connection ..

 Program use :

Run as administrator and KMSAuto Net.exe use interface . 
 If you need additional features , enables the Professional Mode with On / Off button is located on the " About " .To activate Windows 8.1 TAP network adapter will be installed directly and use the IP address turn on the local network , you can skip the installation of the TAP interface and use the network address of the computer.. 


The activation will be done with the settings defined in the KMS -Service tab.For permanent and automatic activation to install the KMS -host service.


÷ v1.1.7 v1.1.8Lower - Changes to the program interface . Added a link to a video.- In the " Auto" mode the program starts searching for a solution with the correct IP address.- Fixed a bug that rarely happens related to deleting files" Injector by deagles " . The program could hang with the message " Installation Hook ,Injector by deagles "- The activation functions are optimized for Windows and Office .On the Tools tab , a button was added " Resetting the system is invalid. "
Carefully read the message that appears when you press the button!v1.1.6- Added the ability to reset the program to the default values ​​.-New containers for modules . Unpacking modules and drivers is faster .- The scheduler creates tasks to Manager level .- Deleting addresses KMS server works properly.- Fixed some minor bugs .***Happy New Year 2014! ***v1.1.4- The program settings can be saved to the folder that contains the program.- All program modules can operate from ProgramData or folder that contains the program.-Fixed minor bugs.v1.1.2.b8ProduKey - The program is integrated into the executable.v1.1.2.b7- Fixed a bug to access the folder.v1.1.2.b6- Fixed a bug in Scheduler.v1.1.2.b4- In Auto mode , you can disable any activation method.v1.1.2.b3Hook - The method uses a modified SECO Injector. Works in inervalos Activation and Renewal and sets its own ILD .v1.1.2b2- Option to connect to the KMS server where the Hook mode works without replacing files.- Added option in Task Scheduler to create a task on the route ProgramData \ KMSAutoS .v1.1.1- Added the activation method with temporary substitution of 8.1 files .v1.0.9.1- Eliminating annoying bug with non -removed TunMirror service .v1.0.9- The program requires . NET Framework 4.5 again, at the request of users.- The dialog to change the product key appears only once per session with the program.- When the scheduled task runs , the KMS Service is not removed most of the system, if it was installed the first time .- Added new option noauto option to vacate the automatic loading of the KMS service during activation. Therefore, if applied then everything is noauto noauto .In auto - mode when the switch configuration is added , system analysisalways start from the starting position , and not from the previously stored . This is quite convenient if the program is used on different computers.- Before enabling editing of the system is defined and if it is 8.1 then the classic mode of activation of the local host is excluded .- Added a second type of TAP adapter to resolve the conflict with the established TAP VPN.- WinDivert v1.1 has been implemented , so no "incidents" resulting in BSOD on x86 platforms.- Eliminates errors when the file path in a sign "&" is present.v1.0.8- Added the setting to remove the driver WinDivert . To avoid possible crasheo your system in a BSOD , unconditional removal can be turned on.By default , the removal is performed after the reboot.- Added the ability to run the program switches on the command line .v1.0.8.b5- The program combines three ways to connect to the KMS server, test first enter automatic mode.v1.0.7-New KMS Server ( KMSSS.exe ) service. Added the function to show the IP address of the client computer in the log file. More in KMSSS.txtv1.0.6New Service - KMS Server ( KMSSS.exe ) . More in KMSSS.txt- Cosmetic Changes to the interface.v1.0.5Log- file that includes information about the OS version- Fix the problem with the definition of a folder sysnativev1.0.4-New KMSSS.exe Service KMS Server.- Check the KMS service log to the specified folder- Fixed some minor bugs :)v1.0.3KMS -A -Service amended applies . Allows use each product in your own ILD .CSVLK including the current key .-Changes in the installation and removal of TunMirror .-Changes in the installation and removal of the TAP interaz .- Added support for activation of Core, Embedded Industry , Single Language , etc ...v1.0.2- Changes in the TAP interface setting .New functionality Backup / Restore activation.- Cosmetic Changes to the interface.Ability added to create a task in Task Scheduler to activate .v1.0.1- Added keys to GVLK Server R2.- Cosmetic Changes to the interface.v1.0.0Prime release.

 KMSAuto Net v1.0.8

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