Saturday, March 1, 2014 Book Collector Cobalt 3.6 Pro Book Collector Cobalt 3.6 Pro

Catalog your book collection in no time at all. Just enter or scan ISBNs for automatic book data & cover art.

Browsing your book collection
- Images View / List View / Cover Flow
- Group books into Folders
- Manage your Collection and your Wish List
- Statistics: Bar Charts and Pie Charts
- Searching your book database
- Customizing Book Collector
-- Details View: Templates and Styles
-- Main screen Layout
-- Configurable Fonts & Font Size
-- Choose your List Columns
-- Sorting / Ordering your book list
-- Virtual Shelves
- Full Unicode Support

Adding books to your database
- Cataloging books by ISBN
- Cataloging books by Author and Title
- Cataloging books by LoC Classification
- Batch adding with the Queue Mode
- The online book database:
-- Book data sources
-- Automatic data for books
-- Automatic author images and Wikipedia links, plus date/city of birth & death
- Finding more cover images online
- Cataloging audio book and e-book files

Managing and editing your database
- Editing your book entries
- Editing multiple books in one go
- Edit directly in the main screen book list
- Auto Capitalization & Automatic Sort Titles
- Managing your pick lists
- Setting Field Defaults
- Field Names / User Defined Fields
- Loan Manager

Exporting and sharing your book list
- Free CLZ Cloud storage
- Export book data to the CLZ Books app for iPhone, iPad and Android
- Publish book collection online with your free CLZ Cloud account
- Printing lists
- Export to CSV, XML
- Network support

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