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KMSpico v9.2.3 Final [Activator for Windows and Office]

KMSpico v9.2.3 Final [Activator for Windows and Office]

KMSpico activation is a tool developed by heldigard, this utility had previously called KMSNano.
This program lets you activate both Windows (Vista/7/8/2008/2012) including 8.1 on the other hand does the same office (2010/2013). The program is constantly updated so it is quite reliable on the subject of upgrades and future blockages.

It is recommended to disable SmartScreen and add the exception in the Antivirus% ProgramFiles% \ KMSpico \ *. Exe for optimal operation of the program.

Some of the basic features

No need internet.
Can chekear activation status by running the shortcut: Check KMSpico.
You can view the log with the shortcut: Log KMSpico.
From version 4 onwards a service called Service KMSELDI which reactive silently every day or every 24 hours 180 days resetting installed.

0. Windows Update
Q: Can I install the updates after using this application?
A: Until now yes.
1. SmartScreen
Q: The smart-screen is Gray!, god save all of us, kmspico broke my OS!.
A: If you are enough fool to use SmartScreen, then EnableSmartScreen the reg file in scripts folder.
2. Permanent Activation
Q: It is this permanent?
A: Until now for Windows 6,7,8,8.1 it will automatic reactivate it often, so yes.
3. Pro WMC/Core
Q: It only activate for 30 days or 45 days?
A: It is not possible in real kms activate a ProWMC/Core, but thanks to the emulator is possible activate it for 30 days in W8 and 45 days for W8.1
4. Virus:
Q:My anti-virus alert like crazy!
A:If you downloaded the file from another location, we don’t know what other people do with the file. The file here only has false positives.
5. On-line/Off-line:
Q: I need internet connection?
A: No.
6. Evaluation Edition
Q: I can’t activate Windows 8.1 only Office, HELP!!!
I’m having problems with activating windows.
The log:
20:13:26:322 Installing Key: -9D6T9
20:13:26:403 Error: C004E016 InstallProductKey
20:13:26:562 Error: C004F013 RefreshLicenseStatus
20:13:26:917 Found Windows Products: 1
20:13:26:919 Name: Windows(R), Professional edition
Description: Windows(R) Operating System, RETAIL channel
GracePeriodRemaining: 0
LicenseStatus: 0
PartialProductKey: 9Y92F
GenuineStatus: 1
A: If you are using an evaluation version, then install a fresh RTM edition.
7. Firewall AV
Q: Does not Work!!!
A: Some anti-virus block the applications, give the respective exceptions.
8. Hack-activators
Q: Nothing Work!!!
A: Do a fresh install.
9. Watermark
Q: It activate, but the watermark is still there!
A: Reboot.
Q: I am afraid, my windows/office is genuine/legit activated. Do this application will broke my license?
A: The application is designed to check a permanent activation either windows or office and avoid it. Older versions was buggy, but the main idea of this app is be smart and take the right choice without any intervention.
11. Log files
Q: Where are the log files of this program?
A: Program Files -> KMSpico -> logs
Cambios Recientes
v9.2.3 (FINAL)
Fixed bugs.
Now use 4 methods: first it use the SECOH-QAD method, if the first one failed then it use WinDivert method if the second failed the it use TunTap method and finally if the third failed then it use online servers method.
Fixed bug with faster cpu.
Add test to emulator after started it.
Add more servers online for PlanB
v9.1.3 (FINAL)
Fixed WinDivert Offline.
Fixed bugs with Office in W7/Vista.
v9.1.2.20131210 RC
Fixed Service.
Fixed bugs.
Embedded WinDivert Files.
Fixed bugs.
Fixed reported bugs.
Recoded around 60%.
Add support for OEM non activated.
Changed Emulator to .NET.
Fixed internet connection detector.
Minor improvements.
v9.0.6.20131120 (FINAL)
Fixed Reported bugs from 9.0.5.
Fixed retail conversion of ProjectStd and VisioStd.
Fixed internet detection.
Fixed bug with WServer.
Fixed reported bugs with O2010.
Fixed reported conflict with the hacktivator, it avoid touch it.
Fixed service bugs.
Demo video included.
Fixed firewall bugs.
Fixed critical bugs.
Fixed logical bugs.
Unistaller remove the driver.
Emulator changed.
Fixed reported bugs.
Support W8.1
Fixed minor bugs.
Fixed internet connection detecter.
Changed server host list
Time Synchronizer changed to NTP servers.
Fixed SmartScreen issue.
Changed host server list.
Encrypted host server list.
Fixed install/uninstall delay.
Add online server finder for W8.1.
Add EnableSmartScreen on Uninstall.
Cooperation with Ratiborus.
Add backup in W8.1.
Fixed backup of Office 2013.
Fixed backup of permanent activation for W8 and O2013.
Eliminated W7 conversion to VL, because printers problem reported.
Eliminated key finder.
Requerimientos y Activaciones
Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Para Win Vista/7)
Windows 8/2012 (.NET 4 ya esta incluido).
Windows Vista Bussines
Windows 7 Professional/Enterprise
Windows 8 Core/Professional/ProWMC
Windows (8.1 Preview)
Office 2010/2013
Windows Server 2008/2008R2/201

 KMSpico v9.2.3 Final [Activator for Windows and Office]

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