Saturday, May 3, 2014

Microsofs Windows leading computer market 90% of the world's computers.

The computer market is comfortably led by Microsoft and Net Applications figures for April give all versions of Windows, a 90.8 % market share, followed by Mac OS X with 7.62 % and Linux with 1.58 %.
The big winner is still Windows 7, which ranks first being installed in about half of the computers in the world , with a total of 49.27 % and no signs of losing the throne in a while .
Windows XP, with more than a decade old and already out of support Microsoft (except some cases) fell 1.4 % to stay in second place with still a significant portion : 26.29 %.
The highest growth is Windows 8.1 which rose 1 % for a 5.88 % , which added to Windows 8 , and get a total stake of 12.24 %.  

Fifth is located 10.9 Mac OS X which grew 0.32% to achieve a 4.07 % market share.
Projections show that Windows 7 will remain strong , Windows 8 ( and 8.1) Windows XP will continue and continue with negative trend. 

 Mac OS X promises a slow and steady progress .

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