Monday, February 23, 2015


OneDrive Storage Free 100GB for 2 years


OneDrive Storage Free 100GB for 2 years (US Only Offer) For Every Country,

this is how to get it?
  1. Download and install Hola VPN service extention. [google chrome is recommended]
  2. Change the country to US.
  3. Then Visit the Bing Rewards site.
  4. Sign in with your Microsoft account. If you are not already a Bing Rewards customer, click the “Not a Bing Rewards member? Join now” option.
  5. Now be met with the Bing Rewards page. Select the “Free Storage” option for 100GB on OneDrive.
  6. On the next page, click the “Get My Storage” button, and confirm once more on the subsequent page.
  7. Enjoy, Now you have 100GB for 2 years.
  • This is a US only promotion, but we’ve described here to get that promotion from anywhere  in the world by using a VPN service.
  • Offer expires Feb-28-2015, so hurry up.
  • This bonus storage will only valid for 2 years, they will remove the bonus storage after the period. So make backups before end the period.

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